What if I want to join the challenge, but I don’t have/want to post it on social media?
Although we encourage sharing your stories on social media to inspire others, you don’t need to post them if you don’t feel comfortable about it. The main idea is to ignite and inspire one another in positive acts that would make a difference in our own community while supporting the UN SDG 17 in line with Leaderonomics’ 5 Values.

Can I participate in the challenges and get a certificate without posting anything?
You can participate in the challenges, however we would like to dedicate the certificate to recognise those who have fully participated and completed all challenges and posted on at least one social media platform.

Can I not take pictures while doing the challenges?
For awkward situations, please don’t. We can relate. Here are some ideas on how you can share your story instead:
- Take a photo of the location where the moment happened, or something that represents it
- Share an image of a quote that inspired you while doing the challenge
- Share any image you’d like to use to represent your story

Can I just post words and not include photos?
Yes, you may. Go for it!

Can I start the challenge any time?
Yes, and the certificate will still be available! Just complete all the challenges and submit the date of completion when you fill out the form.